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BJP will lose Karnataka says RSS

Sensing the mood of the people and a vibrant Congress in Karnataka the BJP leaders have drafted RSS leaders and cadres to assess the situation here. The cadres with their ability have travelled the length and breadth of the state and have decided that the BJP will lose Karnataka. The same report was given to Amit Shah the BJP chief. Modi was also informed about this.

Taking this into serious account Modi has agreed to address some more meeting apart from the 15 already decided earlier.

BJP will lose Karnataka says RSS

Yeddyurappa the CM candidate failed to win over the lingayats and taking Gali family into confidence was another reason the BJP may fail in Karnataka the RSS has reported. But the cadres are working day and night for the BJP here.

The Congress may get more than 115 and the BJP may get not more than 75 seats, that is the indication given by the RSS workers who are at the ground level here spread across the state. The JDS may get around 35 seats is what RSS revealed. Finally, this also suggests that the JDS Gowda will be the Kingmaker in Karnataka. The Telugu people here are not voting for the BJP.

BJP will lose Karnataka says RSS

The Modi-Shah who wanted to have a command over the South are shocked and are trying to make some last minute strategies so that they will be able to take away the edge from the Congress.

This document was a secret one and RSS never discloses information. But somehow this time it got leaked in Karnataka and media could get hold one of them from one of the Pramuks it is reported.



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