BJP walks out-Gowda wins the trust vote

Hung Assembly was not new for the state of Karnataka said Kumara Swamy Gowda the New Chief Minister. He was speaking in the Assembly on the issue of the floor test. We will run a coalition government he asserted and said that the people will get whatever was promised by the JDS earlier.
The people have not given any clear mandate to any of the political parties he opined. Even in 2004, there was a hung assembly he reminded. He thanked the MLAs for supporting him to be the Chief Minister of Karnataka. The BJP has 104 MLAs, the Congress and JDS combine requires 111 and that is the magic figure. The total number of MLAs are 221. The BJP withdrew from the speaker’s race.
The party in power got Ramesh Kumar elected as the Speaker unanimously. The BJP walked out from the house and the Congress-JDS combine was left to win the trust vote here in Karnataka Assembly today. Yeddyurappa resigned before the Trust vote, gave away the speaker post and now the left the house without forcing Gowda for the test on the floor.
kumara swamy
It is as good as Gowda got elected as the CM of Karnataka. But it reported that differences have already cropped up between the Congress and the JDS over the sharing of the CMs post. While Gowda says he is the permanent CM, the Congress says it has to be discussed and as of now nothing has been decided.



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