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BJP to divide TDP soon

The master strategists are working overtime to divide the TDP in Andhra Pradesh. The fact that the BJP leaders said that they want to come to power in AP or trounce TDP is being taken very seriously. The BJP leaders openly declared in a press meet that major breakaway in the TDP will be seen after may.

Some TDP leaders who are fed up with the one-way attitude of the Chief Chandrababu are planning to jump out of the boat at the opportune time. It is reported that BJP chief Amit Shah is planning the strategy and at any cost, they want to trounce the TDP in the coming elections. At the same time, they are using Jagan and Pawan also indirectly to take on TDP.

BJP to divide TDP soon

But Babu a master strategist who is well versed in AP and caste politics is holding his cards back and would show them at the opportune time.

As of now, the Janasena is reeling in trouble , the leader Pawan is busy with murky politics and trying to take on the media which is of no use to him or the party. He is digging his own grave and unable to concentrate on the party or cinema.

BJP to divide TDP soon

The YSRC leaders with his padayatra and court yatra think he can come to power. But the people are going away from him as he is aligned with the BJP from the back door.

The BJP,YSRC, Jansena will form an alliance indirectly from outside and would take on Chandrababu. The vote banks get divided and it will be advantage Babu and TDP in the end.



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