BJP the biggest damager of Hinduism Political Top Stories 

BJP the biggest damager of Hinduism

Shankaracharya of Dwarka said that the RSS and BJP have damaged the Hinduism to a larger extent in the country.

Shankaracharya opined that the BJP government did not live up the promises that it made so far. The communal tensions are on the rise because of the BJP and RSS the Swamy stated. RSS chief Mohan Bhagawat does not know anything about Hinduism he opined.

The Swamy questioned if everyone who is born in India is a Hindu, then if some Hindu is born in England what is he?

BJP the biggest damager of Hinduism
He charged that the BJP leaders are the biggest exporters of Beef and they talk against cow-slaughter.

He also enquired about the Rs 15 lakh deposits in the Bank accounts promised by the BJP and also about the construction of the Ram Temple.

He also talked about Asaram the self-styled Godman and said that he should be punished as per Hindu law. Making a point on taxing the religious institutions the seer said that the Government must cut down its expenses first rather than burdening others. The legislator and lawmakers must cut their salaries and perks to help the common man the seer opined.



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