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BJP siding with Jagan !

It looks like the BJP is supporting Jagan from the back door to put pressure on Chandrababu the CM of AP. Slowly the cases against Jagan are withering out and the Court is questioning the CBI to come up with concrete evidence against Jagans quid pro quo cases. It looks like Vijay Sai Reddy is effectively managing the show in Delhi at the PMO.

If this continues Jagan might be relatively free to fight the election 2019 against Babu. One side Jana Sena and the other side YSRC will give trouble to babu and the BJP will monitor the situation from the back door. The statement of BJP leaders that AP will become another Tripura should not be taken easily.

BJP siding with Jagan !

Top manipulators and strategies of the BJP are working overtime and burning their midnight oil to set the things against Chandrababu in AP. They are not that particular about Telangana, but they are serious about AP as Babu said that the BJP will lose in the coming elections. The statistics and situation show that the BJP may retain the power at the centre in 2019.

While the Northern parties are consolidating against BJP for a clear fight, the Telugu states may have multi-cornered contests. In AP BJP-TDP-Janasena and YSRC will have a tough fight while the Congress remains nominal.

In Telangana, a new party has come up against the TRS lead by Kodandaram. Congress is steadily doing well. The BJP is distant third and the TDP here is nowhere. But there will be multi-cornered contest while the MIM will sail with the TRS. It has to be seen if the Muslims will give the same support to TRS as they did last year.

When Telangana movement was there in full swing, TRS needed MIM to form the Government. Now the situation is different.



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