BJP proves exit polls wrong-bulldozes Congress out Political Top Stories 

BJP proves exit polls wrong-bulldozes Congress out

So far the BJP has won 105 seats and leading in about 10 seats. BJP is ready to form the Government. The exit polls predicted a tight race and said that the JDS will be the kingmaker. They almost equal number of seats to both the parties and that it could be hung. But the people gave absolute majority to the BJP and proved that Modi is a mighty killer and that the Congress is nowhere. Rahul is here to lose one after the other election. He can forget about 2019.

All the exit polls said that it would be neck to neck one, but finally, they gave an edge to the BJP. But the people proved them wrong and gave absolute majority to the BJP. Yeddyurappa proved himself right when he said that he was ready to give it in writing.

The Longayats bagged BJP in 50 seats. Yogi made BJP win in about 80 seats. Congress was supported marginally by the Dalits in many seats, but it did not fetch them.

BJP proves exit polls wrong-bulldozes Congress out

Muslims also helped BJP in Karnataka over Congress. BJP scored in over 160 seats with Modi campaign and got the required margin. The BJP retained all the seats where it had MLAs. The divisive politics of the Congress have failed.

Siddharamaiah has won in Badami with great difficulty. Modi’s campaign has fetched about 53 percent of the expected votes while Rahul could make it for about 33 percent only.

The Temple run helped Rahul to some extent, and the Nepal visit has helped Modi more than that. Siddha Ramaiah could not influence the voters to a larger extent. Rahul tried his level best from Gujarat to Karnataka and there was no influence at all of whatsoever. Moily opined that the Congress lost due to wrong leadership at the Local level.

No no one outside the Congress may accept the leadership of Rahul Gandhi.

Moily agreed that there was something wrong with the Congress and have to correct themselves. Now more parties will be willing to the join the NDA Government and the tally will improve for BJP in the parliament.



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