BJP overconfident -takes opposition lightly

The BJP leaders who are busy with the 4 years celebrations are taking the opposition Unity very lightly. There are two kinds of surveys coming in. One for the BJP and the other against the BJP for the 2019 elections. But the Modi-Shah Jodi is confident that they will get the majority and will form the Government.

The BJP has identified new areas where it would get 78 seats for getting the majority. When it comes to the opposition, one group is for taking the Congress into confidence and there is another group which want to go away from the Congress. This shows that there will not be a united front by the opposition for 2019.

BJP overconfident -takes opposition lightly

Rahul is also confident that the people have understood the reality of BJP and Modi, but he still not able to put it forward properly. There are leaders who are encouraging Mayawathi and Mamatha for the PM post. The BJP has made it clear that they will go all alone in the Telugu states and they will not have any alliance with the BJP in Telangana or Andhra Pradesh.

Chandrababu is confident that BJP will not come to power in 2019. KCR is also against the BJP and the Congress at the centre.

Akhilesh and Tejeshwar are also working against the BJP. But the BJP is not seeing the ganging up of the opposition as a real problem. They are depending on the cadre and the grip that they have at the booth level and that is their strength. The other parties do not have that kind of muscle and manpower apart from the financial resources that the BJP has.

This keeps the BJP ahead of the opposition and they have the advantage of coming back in 2019.



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