BJP loses UP-Bihar polls

The BJP graph is coming down slowly. It has lost all the 3 MP seats in the elections held in UP and Bihar today. UP CM Yogi said that they lost the polls due to overconfidence.

BJP loses UP-Bihar polls

Gorakhpur belongs to Yogi and it was like a shock that the BJP lost here. They lost Phulpur to Samajwadi party.
In Bihar RJD won the Arari Loksabha seat.

Rahul Gandhi the Congress chief said that the people are miffed with the BJP and they have trounced it. It is beginning of the ending of the BJP some critics opined.

BJP loses UP-Bihar polls

Samajwadi party won both the LS seats in UP. The BSP supported the SP here. That made all the difference. The one-sided attitude of Yogi can be the main reason for the loss of BJP here.



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