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BJP income rises – Congress falls

The income of the BJP has risen by 80 percent according to the figures that they have submitted to the Election commission recently. Whereas the Congress income has gone down drastically.

The BJP has declared an income of 1034 crores. It also declared an expenditure of Rs 710 crore. In terms of figures, the income of the Congress has come down by 14 percent. The Congress party showed an expenditure of about Rs 310 crore.

Donations and contribution have been cited as the main source of income for the Political parties. The BJP has constructed the new party office in Delhi which is in the corporate style. We do not know if this figured in the report given to the EC by the party.

BJP income rises - Congress falls

The Congress is unable to rise to the occasion as it is suffering from financial crunch and there is no one to fund the party in a big way. One of the reasons that it is losing at the hustings is that it is unable to spend for the expenditure for the public and also the workers during the elections it is reported.

Even small political parties like CPI and CPM also collect donations openly for the party. But for Congress in Andhra and Telangana there are financiers who would like to trounce the TRS and TDP in the long run. But here the leadership of Congress is not up to the level that it can take on ruling party head-on.



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