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BJP gets a majority in RS

The BJP is improving its support base in the Upper House that is Rajya Sabha. The NDA, in general, had trouble in passing the bills in the upper house. With others support the number has reached to 104 in RS.
This will make the work very easy for Venkaiah in passing the bills in RS. In Lok Sabha, the BJP has already got enough numbers and it was struggling in the RS till the recent times. But now it is one way for the NDA in LS and also RS.
Now the issue is about the no-confidence motion. But the BJP is ready to pass the test as it has got the numbers required in the LS. Usually, the NCM comes up in LS and the party can deal with it.

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It can be said that the Modi has now become more strong with the new members of the BJP joining the BJP tally. The talk of this third front may not cut any ice in the near future. Especially the talk of a front without Congress may not stand well in the near future.
Only a front with all the parties against the BJP will have some weight and it would get some results. Otherwise, all the fronts in splinters will finally lose to BJP in 2019.
Modi is like a long distance runner who keeps going in a slow and steady manner but finishes like a 100meter dash to hit the tape.
As far as the number is concerned the BJP is set to win RS and LS very easily.



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