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BJP and Congress falling short of a majority

BJP rules 21 out of the 29 states. But Karnataka remains to be the key factor and it would act as a gateway for the 2019 elections.

According to the latest surveys and opinion polls, both the Congress and BJP are falling short of the required majority here. It looks like the Congress is safe here as the other parties who are opposing BJP will support them to form the Government.

It looks like the result will be 50/50 but with an edge for the Congress party.

If the BJP can win Karnataka, then this result will bolster his image for the BJP for a next term. If Congress wins, then Rahul can take a breather and can hope for the gaddi in 2019. The BJP is poised to get around 90 seats where the required majority is 113 in the 224 seat contest.

BJP and Congress falling short of a majority

JDS and BSP together may get 40 seats and they would become the Kingmaker here. These 40 seats will be crucial while forming the government. It is likely that they may lean towards Congress. The elections results will be declared on May 15 while the polling is on May 12. There are rumours that the JD is having a backdoor alliance with the BJP here.

Mining Baron Gali Janardhan Reddy is pumping money for the BJP here it is reported. There are also reports that Chandrababu has sent money to Karnataka for the sake of Congress party. He wants to see that the BJP is trounced here.



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