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BJP bows to Dalits

On Ambedkar Jayanthi Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had a lunch with Dalits in a 5-star Hotel. He was supposed to have a community lunch in Patna but could not make it as he had to attend another function in Hotel Maurya. The minister prominently arranged the lunch for Dalits at the hotel and tweeted the same.

BJP bows to Dalits
The BJP top brass has been suggested by Modi and Shah that the Dalits must be taken into the fold and all the lawmakers should spend time with Dalits, have lunch and stay with them to instil confidence in them. Otherwise, the base of BJP would erode in the near future. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced that it was due to Baba Saheb Ambedkar that he has become the PM of India.

Modi himself presented the slippers to a Dalit lady yesterday. He bent down to her feet and gave away the slippers. This is trending and Dalits are stunned at the way Modi reached out to Dalits.

BJP bows to Dalits
Meanwhile, the MPs MLAs and central Ministers are doing their level best to reach out to the Dalits. On one side the BJP is trying to appease the Minorites and on the other side, it is also reaching to Dalits to get them into the fold.

If this works out, then the BJP could be safe in the next elections. Especially if it has to take on Maya and Akhilesh combine. This might take some time but it is working. The UP Government has added Ramji to Ambedkar’s name. Earlier Ambedkar’s name was like a patent to Congress, but now the BJP has taken it under its fold.



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