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Bishnoi women against Salman Khan

Bishnoi women treat antelopes like their children and feed them along with their children. They are like the god to them. These are deer that Salman has hunted and is lodge in the jail and waiting for the Bail.

Salaman was also in the case of hunting chinkaras and they are also endangered species. While Salman the superstar is trying to get out of the Jail, the Bishnoi followers want Salman and other film stars involved in the hunting of deer to be punished severely. They are opposing the bail for Salman being considered.

Bishnoi women against Salman Khan

The judge was hearing the bail plea was transferred last night, but he took up the case this afternoon and itis likely that ad decision would be announced by this evening it is reported.

The judge who punished Salman earlier and the judge who is supposed to give bail today was transferred last night.

Salmans lawyer argued that they died due to excess eating, actually Salman fed them with biscuits and they had no bullet injuries. But with the help of DNA, it was established that they are in fact an endangered species.



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