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Biryani-mutton curry-Murrel fish for plenary delegates

KCR the TRS Chief always has been a great host. He is a man who loves to serve the food and play host all the time. Biryani has always been his signature dish.

Now the same will be given to the delegates coming for the TRS plenary on 27nth. Hyderabadi Biryani, Mutton sherwa, Dum ka Chicken, Murrel fish fry, Prawns, Egg gravy, Mirchi ki salan, Pine apple firni, plum cake, ice cream and fruit bowls will be served.

The plenary is on Friday and prayer arrangements have also been made along with cool water to drink and sprinkle to keep the delegates pleasant and happy. The meeting from 10 to 5 and some NRIs are also coming to Kompally.

Pachchi pulusu , Gangabayala cura dal, pappu charu, appadalu, bagara rice, plain rice , alu tamatao curry, curd, will be there.

Biryani-mutton curry-Murrel fish for plenary delegates

The food is being cooked for around 15000 delegates.Elaborate bundobust arrangements are being made. Sweet pan is also on the menu.

Thousands of water bottles have been ordered and precautions are being taken to keep them cool. A huge parking lot has been earmarked for the vehicles of delegates.

The meeting will focus on the formation of the federal front and the future course of action in the state.



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