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Birthday boy Babu for Hunger strike

It looks like it is the season for Hunger strikes. Even Prime Minister Modi has done a hunger strike against the partisan attitude of the Congress in the parliament.

Pawan Kalyan has announced that he would go on a hunger strike but did not do it for the reasons best known to him. These days he is wearing dark glasses as he is having an eye infection.
 Birthday boy Babu for Hunger strike
Most of them in Andhra are doing hunger strike for the special status to AP. Now it is the time for AP CM to go on a hunger strike and that too on his birthday that is April 20. He is demanding for the special status and protesting against the centre.

It will not make any difference for him as he eats like chicken. Very less quantity. The hunger strike is very easy to implement for him.

Birthday boy Babu for Hunger strikeHe is not foody and just can survive on Idly. So, in reality, it will not make much of a difference if he is on hunger strike. But the issue is that he will be fasting on his birthday which is bad. His family will feel bad about it. There will be no celebrations and also cake cutting for that matter.

His grandson Devansh celebrated his birthday at TTD and donated money to the Lord. But the cadre might be celebrating babus birthday here and there across the state by cutting yellow cakes.



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