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Better rains for Telangana!

The Ugadi or the Telugu new year Panchangam predicted good rains this monsoon. But the scientific predictions say other wise. While the entire country is supposed to have a good monsoon, the southern states have got the prediction that they might get fewer rains when compared to other regions.

The Southern parts of the country are likely to have less rainfall, the has reported. Telangana is likely to witness a better rainfall when compared to Karnataka, Kerala and South Karnataka.

Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are likely to have less rainfall when compared to the Telangana. Telangana will have better rains in the Southern region when compared to the other states.

Better rains for Telangana!

The monsoon will be on time this year and the rain will be normal to above average.

The overall scenario in the country is that a normal monsoon is expected with Southern parts having some deficient here and there.

The rains are expected from June to September. An average rainfall of around 89 centimetres is expected this season.

The IMD is yet to give its predictions and they are expected by Mid April it is reported. The predictions given above are from a private agency reported by a website.



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