Beta Bachao

It looks like it is time for the BJP top brass especially Modi the PM and Amit Shah the party chief to organise Beta Bacaho program. The BJP has given a lollypop to the Congress party who are chiding Amit Shah and his son on corruption charges.

Amit Shah’s son Jay is involved in a scam they are alleging and they are blasting the party and the PM left and right which has been harping on the corruption-free government from time to time.
 Beta Bachao
Earlier the BJP organised Beti Bachao program in a big way to save and educate the girl child, now it is the time to organise Beta Bacaho that is saving the son of the BJP from corruption charges the opposition ridiculed.

But it is the same for the top Congress leader Chidambaram also. His son Karthi is also involved in corruption charges.
So for both the Congress and the BJP now it is time to go for Beta Bacaho. It is same for Sonia also in the form of Beta and also Daamad.



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