Best law and order in TS

There are no communal tensions, no eve teasing, no gudumba, no gambling what more you want KCR he questioned?

All that we promised we have delivered and are giving more KCR explained. We are giving ration rice. The Congress promised so many things what about the gas price he asked?

Under the Congress rule, only leaders got Pukka houses he ridiculed. The people are with us, we are positive and we are winning all the time KCR exuded with all the confidence.

The power issue in the old city will be resolved. The minister will review the issue he said. Patroling of police will be done and it will be done. Metro line will also be laid he assured.

Best law and order in TS

Will not stop the fee reimbursement KCR assured Kishan Reddy. Funds are not an issue he stated. SC categorisation is needed he said. Manda Krishna madiga cannot achieve categorisation KCR stated. The central minister said no – but we will get it he said.

I will lead the agitation and we will get it KCR promised.

You cannot do whatever you want in the Assembly he said. June 2 we got the real independence he said. Please do something for the state from the centre he asked BJP leaders. TRS and MIM got 144 seats in GHMC elections he reminded.



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