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Bengaluru a garbage city chides, Modi

Varanasi was declared as one of the polluted places in India, while PM Modi says Bengaluru is a garbage city and a valley of Sin. The Congress has turned the Silicon Valley into a valley o sin with tonnes of Garbage around Modi ridiculed. He held the Congress responsible for the sorry state of affairs here. He was campaigning in Karnataka for the coming Assembly polls scheduled for 12 of May.

The garden city has turned into a city of Garbage and they are not bothered about the need of the Bengaluru the PM added. The youth made it a computer capital and lack of law and order turned into a crime capital he condemned. He said that the city of lakes has turned into a city of sewerage and plastic dumps which were burned from time to time.

There is no law and order he pointed out.

Modi who called the Bengaluru as the city of Garbage did not bother to comment on the issue that Varanasi figure int the city of pollution.

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First, the PM has to answer about his constituency which is reeling from pollution and then can comment on Bengaluru and its garbage.

BJP was striving at promoting the concept of ease of doing the business, while the Karnataka was promoting the ease of doing murders.

Why should the people vote for Congress when there is no law and order the PM questioned. He was confident that the people will elect the BJP to power for the property of Bengaluru into a garden city.



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