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Be an eggetarian

You may be vegetarian, try to become an eggetarian. Yes, one who eats egg and no non-vegetarian is being called as eggetarian that is the latest word. Even in matchmaking sites, you can see brahmins introducing themselves as eggetarians. That means they just take eggs.

When it comes to protecting your health and reducing the intake of medicines, eating an egg is important. Now it proved beyond doubt after a thorough research that you can have the yellow also. Yellow contributes to good cholesterol but in limited quantities.

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But how to eat eggs is also important. It is good for breakfast but in what form is the question.

You need to have it boiled or half boiled. Boiling for about 10 minutes is a must. You can boil it with vegetables also. But some people would like to have an omelette. You can have it with coconut oil, cheese or butter and not the regular refined oils.

Even for vegetarians health-wise, it is good. But mostly the boiled one. It is pure protein so have it. it improves your health, reduces hunger, improves good cholestral, improves heart functioning and so many other benefits. So try one on daily basis.



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