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Aasharam Bapu feeds Bhaijan Salman

Salman Khan the superstar is lodged in the same Jail along with Asharam Bapu who is in the jail for raping a girl. While Asharam was getting food from his ashram, Salman was given the same food like other inmates in the jail that is Dal and Chapathi.

Salman rejected the food given by the Jail staff. It is reported that he could not sleep on the floor and the only separation between Asharam and Bhaijan Salman was just a curtain. Both of them are in the same barrack.

Bapus food for Bhaijan Salman

Salmans BP raised three times and the doctors gave him tablets. But he could not sleep the whole night. Asharam gave Sakman the food that he got from his Ashram. He offered the gaddi also to Salman, but Salman slept on the floor and rolled as he could not get the sleep in the new area that is the jail barrack with Asharam.

Salman is expecting bail on 7nth. Tonight he will have to continue with Bapu. Now the film fraternity is making a beeline in a phased manner to call on Salman and extend their sympathy.

The mulakahat for the stars being arranged by the Advocates it is learnt. Meanwhile, the advocate working for Salman to get the bhai was threatened by way of SMS by the locals. One has to see if the home cooked food would be allowed for Salman like the Asharam Bapu. Otherwise, Bapu will feed Salman today also.



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