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The Ball is in the court of Governor

Both the groups at Karnataka have decided to meet the Governor and stake claim for the power. Various theories and arguments are emerging in this case. The Governor has to call the largest party first and then give a chance to prove the majority or else he will have to call the partis that have come together to form the Government.

Whomever the Governor calls they will get time and they will have to prove the majority on the floor of the house. The BJP is having a channel with Revanna and it is reported that he was offered the deputy CM post. Revanna is the brother of Kumara Gowda and claims that he has the support of around 12 MLAs who would support the BJP.

Some of them are blindly claiming that the Governor need not call the single largest party and that he must look at the majority group and give them the opportunity. One has to see what is the legality and what is the constitution for calling the groups to form the Government.

The Ball is in the court of Governor

Earlier in Goa, the BJP has formed a group of the majority and the single largest party could not form the Government as they did not try to approach the government and also stake the claim. It was the mistake of the Congress and now the BJP has already staked its claim and will be meeting the Governor again today it is reported.

Karnataka is brimming with activity and lunch, dinners and drink meetings are going on and it is simmer time. Old and seniors are finding it difficult to come out. Yeddyurappa is going out with an umbrella. While Yeddy looks a beaming man, Siddharamaiah is looking dull and drab as he is losing the power either way.

Punters are betting on as to who would form the Government here in Karnataka. The betting is mostly going on the for the BJP according to the sources.



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