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Balaiah or Raghavendra Rao may take up NTR

Balakrishna along with senior director Raghavendra Rao will take up the direction of the movie with legendary NTR it is learnt.

Teja the director who has done social movies is unable to direct the NTR biopic properly and there was a misunderstanding between Teja and Balaiah. It is for sure that Teja is out of the project and RR has not confirmed yet if he is in the project.

It is not easy to direct Balaiah, especially when it comes to the movie of his father’s history both politically and movies wise.

When there was a discussion on the movie about NTRs biopic, most of them thought it would be Raghavendra Rao to take the megaphone. But Tejas name was announced and Teja said that he was a mega fan of NTR.

Teja Out from NTR Biopic

The posters were designed very well for the movie. But most of the time there was a difference of opinion between Teja and Balakrishna it is reported.

Now there was no other option but to part ways.



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