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Balaiah pats himself for abusing PM

After speaking harsh and wrong Hindi that too against the PM Modi, Balakrishna the MLA from Hindupur who is also an actor praised himself. Balaiah claims that he knows good Hindi. Even after a good dressing down from the BJP and also from the media Balakrishna believes that he did not do anything wrong.

Earlier when he shot a producer in his house, Balaiah obtained a certificate from the doctors that he is mentally unsound and escaped from that case. Now cases have been filed against him for abusing the Prime Minister. It has to be seen how he would wriggle out of the cases in the near future.

Instead, Balaiah should have apologised and said that it was a slip of tongue and that he did not know Hindi properly and escaped from the issue. Instead, he felt as if he had done a good thing by abusing the PM being an MLA from the ruling party in AP.

Balaiah pats himself for abusing PM

If the PMO or BJP takes it seriously Balaiah will be in trouble for sure.

Balaiah must hold his horses and know that he is an MLA and not the hero in a movie. This is the real life and not paisa vasool movie where he can do whatever he wants. This is not the reel life but this is the real life he must know.



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