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Balaiah not in a sound state of Mind?

Balaiah the film star and MLA Hindupur is known for whatever he wants to do and later get away with it. But now in the case of abusing PM Narendra Modi in Hindi, he is in for trouble. A case has been filed by the BJP MLA Ramachandra Rao. Now one has to see how Balaiah is going to wriggle out of the situation.

Earlier when YSR was the CM with great difficulty Balaiah has come out of a case where he shot the producer Bellam Konda and then a security guard was killed in his house. He slapped his fans many times. There is no one to file a proper case against him like they did in the case of Salman Khan.

AP CM Chandrababu is also with him and he was happy that Balaiah abused Modi left and right. He slaps his fans now and then. He made comments against the ladies in a filmi function and later apologised.

Balaiah not in a sound state of Mind?

He is presently busy with making the biopic on NTR who was the legendary actor and CM of AP before Chandrababu. Now there is all-round condemnation against Balaiah that he was not supposed to talk against the PM like that.

If taken seriously Balaiah could land up in jail. If YSRwas not there he would have been in Jail for an attempt to murder on Bellamkonda where shot with a service revolver.

Since he related to the AP CM, Balaiah, for the time being, is safe. One has to see what turns and twists the police case against him take in the near future. He must think twice before abusing someone.



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