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Balaiah blasts Modi

HIndupur MLA and actor Balakrishna lashed out at Modi the Prime Minister. Balaiah was speaking at the hunger strike meet of AP CM Chandrababu today. He said that Modi would be driven away from AP if he comes here. He charged that Modi was playing chiller politics and was not doing anything for AP. Balaiah also chided at BJP and said that they will not get a single seat in the near future in AP.

Balaiah blasts Modi

Meanwhile, the BJP has organised a protest against Balaiah here at the party office in Hyderabad. They protested that action should be taken against Balaiah for abusing the PM Modi. It is unbecoming on the part of the MLA and actor to abuse the man at the level of PM the BJP leaders said.

Balaiah is nowhere when compared to the stature of the PM they said. As MLA Balaiah must maintain some decency decorum and protocol they said.



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