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Balaiah absent -heroes fail

Telugu heroes who always win in the cinema reel life have failed in the real life. Yesterday they met at Annapurna studios and have discussed the bad developments and issues going on in the Tollywood. But Balakrishna one of the top heroes of the Industry was absent. He is an MLA and related to the CM Chandrababu Naidu.

The meeting was held on the invitation of Chiranjeevi the mega hero. Nagarjuna, Mahesh, Venkatesh and others were present at the meeting but no one could decide on the future course of action. Mega family is the worst hit in the recent times. The ladies blamed the 150th movie where Vaakada exploited women physically and financially.

Balaiah absent -heroes fail

Pawan Kalyan was abused by Srireddy the lady who exposed the casting couch issue and shaken the Tollywood. The heroes also discussed on as to how they should tackle the onslaught of the TV channels who have been giving a blow by blow account of the happenings in Tollywood. They are also arranging group discussions on the issue.

The film fraternity feels that they are exposed and targeted repeatedly and sometimes abused and highlighted by the TV channels. All said and done they could not come to a conclusion over the matter.

The Government of Telangana also has appointed a committee to look into the issue. But as the situation stands the film industry has lost its glamour and the industry responsible for the casting couch is repeatedly being raped by the industry if you want to put it in harsh words.



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