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Bail order not reserved for Salman

The decision on bail order is not yet decided. Salman Khan’s lawyer Mahesh Bora circulated the fake news that the order for bail has been reserved for 7nth. This is a false statement and claim made by Bora.

The latest is that the Advocates for Salman and the Government will argue before the court for the said bail and against the Bail. Meanwhile, the locals have filed a writ saying that all others who were involved with Salman should be punished and that Salman should not get the bail.

The prosecution lawyer explained that the arguments were pending in this case for the said bail and the Salmans lawyer making an announcement that the arguments are over and the order has been reserved for 7nth was completely wrong and misleading.


The order was deferred as the Judge wants all other supporting documents for the hearing.

He also asked for the data and earlier judgements pertaining to this case in the rural court and later in the high court.

The arguments will continue on 7nth in the Jodhpur court. The arguments may continue further also depending upon the material and evidence being produced by both the lawyers. This might take some more time.

It looks like the judge is under tremendous pressure to release Salman on Jail and also to protect the law and judiciary.On the other hand, the public in general ridiculed and found fault with the judge when Salman was released saying that there was no proper evidence to nail Salman.

They said that the justice was not done and that judge acted blindly in the name of wanting evidence.

Now the Jodhpur judge does not want to face all this flak from the public in the name of Salman.



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