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Bad days ahead for Chandrababu

According to highly placed sources in Delhi, the NDA Government is all set to swoop over Chandrababu and his Government soon after the parliament is adjourned. A detailed review will be done by the investigating agencies on all decisions taken by the TDP Government. The decisions taken and deals done by Lokesh will also be under scrutiny.

The main issue is that tenders are floated in different formats in Andhra for Amaravati and other works. Polavarm, water projects, net projects and all other latest deals will be questioned by the investigations and if found guilty babu could be in trouble. The centre is just waiting for the right time. There are several issues pertaining to the land acquisition which would come for scrutiny by the centre.

The Swiss challenge concept was opposed by the officials while the cabinet ratified it.This is also a big issue that will come up for investigation and it could be scrapped also.

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The land allocations done by IT department under Lokesh for the IT companies are also under the radar of the centre. To make a pucca case against babu, the centre is working overtime it is reported. Discrepancies in subsidies given to various industries is under investigation.

Most of the development done was with deviations from the original path and the centre is bent upon Nailing the Chandrababu Government at any cost.

It is reported that BJP has got details of various corruption charges from Vijay sai Reddy the YSRC MP who is now moving closer to the PM Modi. The think Tank from YSRC has given a detailed report to the centre against the TDP Government and most of it has bee reported the local media also especially in the paper owner by Jagan Mohan Reddy.

So its time that Babu gets ready for facing the music from the centre.



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