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Babu says its false-Blames BJP

While Chandrababu the CM of AP said that Amit Shah has written all false information, Lokesh his son said that Amit Shah has no knowledge of Andhra Pradesh.

Hours after reading the letter written by the BJP Chief, Chandrababu opined that the letter was misleading and shows the attitude of BJP towards TDP.

Babu says its false-Blames BJP

It may be noted that Shah charged that the TDP has withdrawn from the NDA due to political reasons and for its own survival. But Babu claimed that the letter has nothing but false information. If the centre has given the right kind of support to Andhra Pradesh many industries should have been there he opined.

Now Chandrababu is on the verge of moving no-confidence motion against the NDA Government led by Modi. The Congress is also working out on the same.

Babu says its false-Blames BJP

It looks like both the TDP and the BJP are hell bent upon exposing each other till the next elections. So far Modi the PM has not made any comments on the attitude of Chandra Babu.

But the BJP has claimed that Andhra is going to be another Tripura for them in the near future.



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