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Babu must retain AP first

The Telugu states and the CMs of these states are jumping the gun before the elections and want to decide who would be the next Prime Minister of the country. While KCR the CM of Telangana has decided to form the People front an alternative to Congress and BJP, Chandrababu said that he will decide the Prime Minister for 2019.

To some extent, KCR is on the right path as he can win the Telangana again. But Chandrababu who is in deep trouble, first try to win back the AP in the next elections and then talk about the central politics or the PM candidate. Winning the next election is not easy for Babu, as Jana Sena, YSRC and BJP will try their level best to trounce TDP.

Last time it was the entry of Pawan that made the BJP-TDP combine win the election. Otherwise, it would have been YSRC in AP. YSRC will do everything to scuttle the chances of TDP. The BJP will be hand in glove with YSRC and Janasena and where is the chance for Babu to dictate the centre?

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KCR, on the other hand, is trying to form a front minus Congress. This is not easy. People may come forward to form a front against the BJP, but not against the BJP and Congress. Mamata is already in talks with Sharad Pawar and Pawar is in talks with the Congress. Most of the leaders have given statements that they lost elections as they have kept the Congress aside. With Congress, they would have trounced the BJP.

But most of the surveys done recently shows that there is no alternative to the Modi Government in 2019. But Karnataka might turn the tide for Congress it is expected. If Congress can come back in Karnataka then there is a chance for the Congress to become an alternative at the centre to the BJP.



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