Babu, Jagan and Rahul might join hands

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan is of the opinion that Chandrababu can do anything for power. Pawan said that the part which hated Congress is now looking at Congress. The way Babu treated Rahul at Karnataka on the dais shows it all he said.Pawan also added that Babu will take the Jagan also closer to him to avoid the contest in future and they all together will fight agianstJanasena he opined. There is every possibility of that kind Pawan revealed.

But the reality is that BJP is trying to put Jagan and Pawan against the TDP. There is a chance that Jagan, Pawan and the BJP might fight against the TDP. The ultimate aim of the BJP will be to trounce the TDP in Andhra Pradesh. For this, they will fuel both the Janasena and also YRSCP.

babu, jagan, rahul

One thing is for sure that the way Pawan is making allegations against the TDP and taking on TDP openly shows that he is supported by the BJP in every manner. When elections come they will join hands. In the same fashion Jagan is also going against the TDP to save himself from the cases in the centre and also the state.


But Chandrababu is a tough nut to crack and he will show the cards in the end and that could be just before the elections. Who knows he might patch up with the BJP and put the YSRC in trouble. Janasena will, however, wind up like the Praja Rajyam of Chiranjeevi. There is still a lot of time for Babu to set his house right.



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