Babu is worried!

It looks like AP CM Chandrababu is a worried man these days. He has announced grandiose plans, but do not know how to get finances for the same.

Whatever he builds, he says it is temporary, but how will he build the permanent buildings and when is the big question.

Now KCR the Telangana CM has taken the steam out of Babu, by announcing that he would be working for the country and would challenge the centre by openly telling Modi.

Babu is worried!

Babu used to claim himself a Kingmaker at the centre and now the role is being taken over by KCR. Naturally, Babu is in trouble, he is unable to challenge or bend the centre for the state of AP, while KCR is openly challenging the centre.

Political pundits in the Telugu states are of the opinion that KCR is gaining good political mileage after making a statement against the central government and also challenging the centre.

The chota mota leaders from the centre are claiming that Babu has his own strategy, but the people are thinking otherwise. It’s time that Babu also makes bold moves like KCR and wins the heart of the people.

It is time for Babu to break the alliance with the BJP and ship out on his own for a better Andhra. Who knows he should join hands with KCR for the pride of Telugu people taking a cue from Pawan Kalyan.



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