Babu hand in glove with BJP

Jagan Mohan Reddy the YSRC Chief said that he was an honourable man until his father and former CM Rajasekhar Reddy was alive. His father was also a great man until his death.

But after breaking away from the Congress lot of corruption cases were foisted on him. He was speaking to a news channel at the national level and said that no one touches Chandrababu because he is hand in glove with the BJP.

Jagan said that he will go ahead with the no-confidence motion against the centre and wanted the other parties to join him and demand the special status to the state of AP.

Jagan is the richest MLA in the state and also pays crores for rupees towards taxes.

Babu hand in glove with BJP

Jagan said that he was confident to come out of all the cases and all that was politically motivated. He also added that the CM of AP was a corrupt man but he is spared as he is supporting the NDA from the back door.

He is still optimistic that the people of AP will vote him to power in the next elections.



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