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Babu does a comedy in Parliament

Chandababu Naidu the AP CM who went to the parliment acted like a joker in front of the steps and posed for the photos. Nobody knows why Chandrababu was touching the steps of parliament. It was Modi who bowed in front of the steps of parliment as he entered inside as the PM of the country. But babu toouched the other side and looked at photographers. It looked as if he is about to fall.

When Babut tried to make some comments at Jairam ramesh he gave him a resounding answer and Babu had to run away from the scene. Babu commented that it was Jairam Ramesh who divided the Telugu states. Ramesh shot back by saying it was you who gave the letter for the division of Telugu states. In the same fashion Babu tried to disturb some leaders, while some of the took it easily some others did not bother to talk to Babu.

 Babu does a comedy in Parliament

No one knows what Babu achieved being in Delhi and what kind of support he is trying to gather against Modi at this juncture. KCR also went to Delhi several times but he did not bother about the media and covreage. He acted in a respectable manner. But Babu behaved like a chota mota leader going to Delhi for the first time.

The photographers had a field time when Babu touched the steps and turned the other side for the photos. He could not even bend properly.



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