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AP CM Mahesh with Rajamouli

Yes the writer of Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Baahubali is writing a story with Mahesh Babu in mind. We are talking about Vijayendra Prasad the father of director Rajamouli. He has confirmed that he is on the story for Mahesh. There is a talk that along with Mahesh ,Junior NTR will also be there in the movie.

         AP CM Mahesh with Rajamouli

Some are predicting that it could be Mahabharat being planned by Rajamouli.
Some others in the industry said that it Chatrapati Sivaji and the idea was mooted by popular writer Paruchuri GopalaKrishna one of popular writers of Tollywood.

Earlier Mahesh’s father hero Krishna has done the role of Chatrapathi sivaji and it suited him very well and there is no doubt Mahesh will also fit into the scheme. Sivaji movie will have a lot of market in the North if dubbed in Hindi language. Rajamouli is planning he same many languages and with a huge budget it is reported.

     AP CM Mahesh with Rajamouli

It will be different style for Mahesh and would take him away from the chocolate boy image. His fathers Alluri Seetharama Raju created history in Tollywood. Sivaji is already making news in the industry. It is reported that Mahesh is planning to do a sequel of BAN with Koratala. They have in fact shot a movie of about 6 hours of BAN.

So there is lot of movie remaining ready and the same would be BAN-2. Adding some portions will be enough to make another 3 hour movie in the name of BAN-2.

Now they are adding a fight sequence during the holi festival.



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