Anywhere registration is abolished in TS

The CM had a high-level review meeting since morning on measures to be taken to control irregularities and corruption in the Stamps and Registration department and has taken several key decisions. He decided to deal with firm action on irregularities happening at the Registration offices during the registration of documents.

–Anywhere registration system is abolished forthwith

—ACB officials are instructed to keep a close vigil on the activities in the Sub registrar offices all over the States whenever an offence is committed and criminal cases should be booked. The CM also instructed the ACB officials to investigate where the irregularities are going to take place and nab the culprits.

—The Special discretionary powers given to Sub Registrars and Registrars under Section 47 A have been withdrawn; orders in this regard are issued immediately by the officials

—CID has been entrusted with conducting a through probe on the Miyapur government land registration case.

—The government got information that all the Benami transactions are not being uploaded by the officials in collusion with those registering the documents. The government came to know that there are about 20 per cent of such registrations. The police are instructed to conduct raids on 141 Registration offices across the state, seize the documents, which are not uploaded.
The police department has constituted Flying Squads for the purpose. The Flying Squads are going to raid the Registration offices from tomorrow. Instructions are given to the police to take immediate action against the irregularities.

–The CM has studied both the Central and state registrations’ Acts. He wanted transfer of the employees who are longstanding at one place. He also instructed the officials to change the guidelines, and methods that may give opportunity to commit irregularities and lead to corruption.

–The CM wanted the guidelines and process to be in such a way that no one can ever demand a single rupee as bribe nor can anyone give a Rupee.

Balanagar Sub Registrar Mohammed Yousuf, Medchel Sub Registrar Ramesh Chandra Reddy are suspended while Kukatpally Sub Registrar Srinivas Rao has already been suspended.
Police have registered Criminal cases against the three accused who are facing corruption and irregularities charges. Srinivas Rao has already been arrested and sent to the remand.



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