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Anybody can become PM: Sinha

Shatrugna Sinha the firebrand actor and politician said that anybody can become the PM of this country. Just a Samjhdhar is more than enough for the PM post he opined. He found fault with PM Modi for insulting Rahul Gandhi the Congress chief when he expressed his desire to become the PM in 2019.

Sinha said that anyone Kaamdar, Naamdar, Samjahdaar, daamdhar can become the Prime Minister he said. Sinha who is against the BJP and bashing the party all the time is seen in the company of Yaswanth Sinha who is out of the BJP.Yashwant also bashed the BJP and Modi several times.

On the other hand, Sinha said that Rahul Gandhi is now a matured leader and that he has the competence to become the Pm of the country. He said that the Prime Minister instead of giving slogans and adopting diversionary tactics must give straight answers to the questions posed by Rahul Gandhi. Even Yashwanth Sinha opined that there was nothing wrong in Rahul Gandhi aspiring to the PM. After all, he is the President of the oldest party of the Country.



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