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Does Anushka like the beard

Whatever Kohli does is a subject for discussion. Now his beard has come up as a subject for discussion. We do not know if Anushka likes it or not. But Kohli says he like the beard and that look very much. Some of the players have recently done a clean shave and posted the pics on Instagram. But Kohli continued with the beard.

Talking about the maintenance of the Beard Kohli says that it is very easy these days. We are getting special oils for the beard and it stays there no issues. But if it grows then it has to be trimmed he explained. He is doing wonders with this look and he wants to continue with it.

People say that Anushka should be liking this look and as she is an actor, she might have suggested him about maintaining the look so on and so forth. The advertisers should also have suggested him to go with that looks for some time till some contracts are there.

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Now every act between Anushka and Kohli is up for grabs and is on the web. Sometimes they are posting it on Instagram. The corporates also think using either Anushka or Kohli is like a double dhamaka for them. It is like a double-edged weapon.



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