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Anushka gives dates for Prabhas

People said they were getting married. They also said they were dating during Baahubali days. Both Prabhas and Anushka said that there was no truth in it and they were just rumors.

After their successful pairing in films like Billa, Mirchi and Baahubali, Anushka and Prabhas have always been one onscreen pair that the audience grew to love.

Now they want to be together again. But Anushka will be bolder and beautiful. If needed she will expose depending upon the demand of the character.

Anushka gives dates for Prabhas

With Baahubali, the appeal of this pair has reached a nationwide audience. And it looks like the makers of Prabhas’ next, Saaho, might cash in on that craze. More so, because it is becoming a really tough task to cast a leading actress for the film. If it is with Prabhas she has to be tall and Anushka is the best.

The makers of Saaho are in talks with her. She is also a good choice since the film is a trilingual in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi, where she is now a familiar face,” .

“The team was in search of a Bollywood actress initially. However, there were multiple issues from very high remunerations to inability to adjust dates. And so, the makers decided to go for an actress who is from the south,” shares a source in the know.


However, the biggest fix at this juncture is that despite all the A-listers in south India being ready to okay the film, it may not be easy to do so. “Whoever is the lead actress in Saaho will have to begin shooting at the earliest.

But many of the leading ladies do not have the time in their calendars as they are busy with multiple projects which might make it possible for them to join this film only after around six months.,”

Anushka is extremely choosy and hasn’t signed on anything in the recent times. “She’s got only Bhagmathi going on for her right now and it is not likely that she okays anything else in the coming days.



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