Annapurna,Suresh, Geeta and Dil -the movie makers

Annapurna studios, Suresh productions, Geeta Arts and Dil Raju all these production companies go for controlled budget movies. They will plan movies in such a fashion that they get the profit by hook or crook.

But sometimes they too get disasters.No one in the industry can avoid flops. Allu Aravind and Dil Raju are in no position to know the pulse of the audience.

Either they take the new director, new hero or a new lady and then cut the budget for them saying that they are launching them or giving the opportunity. Automatically the budget comes down and the profit is insured and ensured.

Both Suresh and Akkinenis have their own studios and here also the budget comes down. Geeta arts mostly does movies with Allu Arjun and mega family heroes so that they need not pay them in the beginning. They later share the profits as agreed upon. If it is a disaster they need not pay them at all.

 dil raju  allu aravind

In this fashion, the permutations and combinations are made to suit the requirements and then mint money. Once producer was the hero, but now the hero is the hero and financers don’t come forward unless the movie has a good hero and also a director. But these days Directors like Trivikram and also Puri dont have any guarantee and value.

Even Mahesh is giving disasters. So it is all luck for that matter. But when it comes to movies with Sons, that is Chaitu, Akhil , Allu Arjun there will be no budget limit. Nag and Aravind spend a lot for the sons.

Arjun gave some hits, but Akhil and chaithu mostly gave flops for Annapurna productions. Suresh Productions is mostly involved in remakes with Venky his brother and it is like just average profits.

Making losses is just a fake story. They make money in the second launch and also with satellite rights.



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