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An offer from both the sides

Kumara Swamy Gowda the Chief Ministerial candidate from JDS and Congress alliance said that he is having offers from both the sides.

But for his father’s sake, he is travelling with the Congress party. He said that the BJP is offering 100 crores to each MLA for shifting sides. But they are with him. His brother Revanna who is accused of being in touch with the BJP leaders said that he was with the Congress and whatever his brother said he is ready to implement the same.

Where from is that the BJP getting so much of money Kumara questioned. Addressing the media here, Kumara said that he has done mistake by aligning with the BJP earlier and now he will not repeat the same against the wish of his father Deve Gowda the former Prime Minister.

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With 104 seats the BJP is the single largest party in Karnataka and JDS -Congress combine has the required majority of around 118. The call is awaited from the Governor by both parties. The Congress and JDS are trying hard to hold the flock together and there is also a doubt that a few of the MLAs could be in touch with the BJP.

The Congress MLAs are already on the way to Bengaluru as the parties are awaiting the Governors decision. It’s a 5-star holiday and the MLAs will get a paid holiday.

The time will decide if it will be Yeddy or Gowda to take over Karnataka from Siddharamaiah.



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