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An emergency like a situation-Court says no

The Dalit protests are continuing and the police are trying its best to contain the violence in the country. The NDA Government has represented to the court to look into the issue and issue an order that would satisfy the Dalits in the country. But the court has turned down the request of the Government. The verdict continues.

Some of the Union Ministers have blamed that the Congress was responsible for provoking Dalits across the length and breadth of the country and inciting violence. Yesterday 5 people were killed in various incidents.

The court has assured that it would look into the issue and take up the matter at about 2 in the noon. That could be after the lunch. The court has earlier stated that under SC ST atrocities act a person cannot be arrested immediately on a complaint.

An emergency like a situation-Verdict at 2 pm

The allegations have to be proved and then only the person responsible can be taken into custody. As the SC-ST act was misused for personal reasons by some of them.

The Dalits took it seriously and said that there will no protection for the SC-STs hereafter if this is implemented. Now the court will review the order and the judgement was given earlier. The Government has repeatedly urged the court to bring law and order into normalcy.

The Congress and leaders of the opposition have charged that the BJP was trying to curb the rights of Dalits and it is bothered about the upper castes only. The Dalits have no place to live in the BJP government they criticised.



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