Amit Shah looks at Amaravathi Political Top Stories 

Amit Shah looks at Amaravathi

Amit Shah the BJP chief is looking at Andhra Pradesh it is reported. Babu has rubbed Shah on the wrong side by taking the name his son Jai shah that he is involved in corruption. That is the reason one of the leaders predicted that AP could be another Tripura for BJP.

The think tank of the BJP is also sitting over the issue and they have decided to move it from Vijayawada. Ram Madhav and GVL Narasimha Rao are already working out on the ways and means to sink TDP in the coming elections. They may not hit out at TDP directly, but they might fuel YSRC and Jana Sena in the process. There is no other way for TDP but to go all alone in the next elections. The Congress is now where in the picture for 2019.

Amit Shah looks at Amaravathi

With his Padayatra and resignation announcement Jagan has garnered a lot of sympathy from the public of AP. The BJP might share the strategy with YSRC to wreck the ship of TDP by 2019. But Babu is not keeping quiet either. He is slowly gathering the support of Dalits and minorities and both YSRC and Jana Sena are aligning with the BJP indirectly. This will fetch babu in the long run.

Even the Christians might desert Jagan and join Babu as he is working for the BJP.

Once the BJP announces its plans from Vijayawada the strategy of Babu will emerge for the next elections. The movie on NTR is one of the means for Babu to campaign for the next election. Babu might have never expected that he would have to take on this mighty BJP to win the next election.



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