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Amit Shah follows Pappu Rahul

BJP President Amit Shah is talking like Rahul Gandhi these days. Earlier Rahul the Congress chief used to make mistakes in his speeches which actually came in handy for the BJPs campaign. Now AmitShah in a hurry is doing the same.

This time the faux pas about the performance of Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of India. Earlier it about the Government of Yeddyurappa.

While making a speech at the Karnataka elections Amitshah said that the Narendra Modi Government will not do anything for the poor and downtrodden, the Modi government is in the centre so vote for Yeddurappa and see that the BJP wins the election.

 Amit Shah follows Pappu Rahul

The earlier mistake was that Yedurappa was the corrupt chief Ministers in Karnataka and that he must be voted to power.

The man translating the speech corrected Amit Shah and he later corrected the same.

But these mistakes of Amitshah are being circulated by the Congress Via tweets and also the social media.

Earlier there were a number of situations like this created by the ignorance of Rahul Gandhi and was called as the Pappu for the same.

Now it looks like Amit Shah is walking in the footsteps of Pappu now. But Rahul of late has improved his speeches and diction. He is able to draw the public attention. The graph of Modi is coming down and the credibility of Rahul Gandhi is going up. Let’s hope Rahul and the Congress will do better this time in Karnataka.



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