Amit Shah confident of Karnataka and Telangana

BJP national president Amit Shah told journalists in an informal chat that his party would decide on the question of alliance with the TDP in AP two months before elections.

Amit Shah and central Minister Venkaiah had dinner with the Delhi journalists. Shah said his party would capture power in Karnataka, Telangana and some other States in 2019 elections. Venkaiah Naidu who was sitting on the right side of Amit Shah did not comment.

Amit Shah confident of Karnataka and Telangana

Talking about Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR), Shah said KCR’s attack has given good publicity for his Telangana visit. By focusing on the BJP, KCR has made it clear that he was really concerned with the popularity of the BJP, Shah opined.

Amit Shah said KCR has made it clear that his main rival is the BJP in TS. That itself is a gain for the party accrued from his three-day visit to Telangana.

Amit Shah confident of Karnataka and Telangana

Leaders like Kishan Reddy, Laxman, Dattatreya and Muralidhar Rao, national General Secretary of the party, could not utilise the opportunities provided by the positions they held to improve thier clout and the party’s popularity.

Haribabu the AP BJP chief has been content with the alliance with the TDP and sharing of power at the Centre and in the State

Amit Shah  confident of Karnataka and Telangana

The BJP in AP is vertically divided with a major section being unhappy with Venkaiah Naidu. The Union Ministet is very close to Prime Minister Modi and Chief Minister Babu.

The AP leaders want no alliance with the TDP. The TS BJP also wants to go all alone for the elections. But KCRs survey says BJP will not get a single seat .



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