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Amethi will become Singapore assures Rahul

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi blamed the NDA Government and Modi for taking away many of the development works from Amethi and creating hurdles in the process of development. He assured that the people of Amethi that the constituency would be developed like Singapore and California. He has set a goal of around 15 years for the same. Rahul says he will try to bring back some projects for the youth of Amethi so that they would get some employment.


Fifteen years is a very long time and the next five years will also be under BJP regime and if at all Congress comes to power, then Rahul might require at least 20 years for the said development. Rahul says that Atal Behari Vajpayee and Nehru talked about the development and future politics while Modi talks about past and spreads hatred.

He blamed the BJP government for not coming forward in taking up the major projects in Amethi. The Modi government stalled the process of developed in Amethi he blamed.

While Smriti Irani who contested against Rahul Gandhi reduced his margin to a larger extent in Amethi, now the BJP got 4 out of 5 Assembly segments in Amethi. Even this time it will be very tough for Rahul to win Amethi. Rahul advised Modi to have a positive approach like Vajpayee and not spread hatred digging the past.

Amethi will become Singapore assures Rahul

He wanted Modi to stay positive and come forward for the development in Amethi. There should be no politics in development he said.

When it comes to Telugu states, the CMs from Andhra and Telangana also have promised to make the states like London, Singapore, California so on and so forth. KCR promised that he would make the Karimnagar district like London. KTR the Minister promised that the would make Hyderabad a world-class city. Chandrababu promised that he would make Amaravathi like Singapore.

Now Rahul wants to develop Amethi like Singapore.



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