Ambedkar and Modi are Brahmins ! Political Top Stories 

Ambedkar and Modi are Brahmins !

Gujarat speaker created a ruckus in the political circles by saying that Modi and Ambedkar are Brahmins. Speaker Rajendra Trivedi opined that Brahmins is not a caste and it should not be looked into at that angle. He said that people having Gyan and do margadarshan can be treated as Brahmins and in that context, both Modi and Ambedkar are brahmins he suggested.

        Ambedkar and Modi are Brahmins !
When the PM Modi has been suggesting his party leaders not to make statements as they like, the leaders unable to keep quite. Not only that he said lord Krishna is an OBC and that Brahmins made all these gods by giving them Gyan. Rama is Khsatriya but the brahmins gurus made him a god he explained.

Even Krishna an OBC was made into a god by the Ruhis he stated. The caste comes from the work or trade that particular person is doing he suggested. Whoever is having a lot of Knowledge and gyan are Brahmins he repeated. But some BJP leaders are of the opinion that these statements cause a lot of damage to the party. Why drag Modi into this issue they questioned.

Ambedkar and Modi are Brahmins !
Tripura CM Bipab is already in the soup for making statements left and right and he has been summoned by the PM directly. Now the next could be Trivedi to get some Gyan from the PM directly.



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