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Amazon Fresh in 2 hours

Groceries and household items are a big business these days. Earlier people are used to go to Baniya ka dukan for this. But big corporates like reliance and Heritage are in this business. Reliance Fresh-Heritage fresh, More , Spencers are doing big business in groceries.

Now Amazon wants to enter this business in a big way. You call them and the things are delivered to you at your doorstep in 2 hours. That is the challenge. The outlets will be called as Amazon fresh and all items will be there. Dal,padad, curd meat, sweet, paste anything and everything that you order at your doorstep in two hours.

Vegetables, fruits will be fresh and you can get them directly in 2 hours. This Amazon fresh 2 hours is already operating in America and the Indian operations will be launched soon.

Amazon Fresh in 2 hours

One can order things on mobile or via the net and in several other forms. The e-commerce is growing leaps and bounds in India and Amazon wants to encash the same in the grocery line. Not only the quality but also price wise Amazon is all set to compete with other companies.

Amazon wants to encash on the customers that they already have online.Once they get used to this home delivery they will stick to this as they need not go out and invest time in shopping the regular things. Even Milk that you fetch in the morning and get delivered can be ordered ahead and you get in two hours or probably lesser time.



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