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Allu family on tenterhooks

Naa Peru surya is ready for release but no one is a position to say that this will be hit movie. The entire mega family have come together to make the movie a hit and also to face the onslaught from any other quarters. The Aravind family is expecting a backlash from the Media houses this time as they have rubbed the media on the wrong side.

There are allegations that the Mega family members have decided to Ban media and also stop film content to the TV channels. This definitely has irked the media barons. The tweeting of Pawan Kalyan on personal basis also has irked and this might get reflected in the Surya movie promotions it is learnt.

The media may not spread any negative talk, but they will also not spread the positive talk wholeheartedly. But if the Content is good no power on earth can stop the success of the movie. Mahesh Babu proved this with BAN.

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Both Nagabaabu and Pawan Kalyan have overreacted over the issues of the Industry. They tried to divert the issue and did not answer about the character of Vaakadu during the Chiranjeevi’s 150 movie.

The outbursts of Aravind, Pawan and Nagababu may prove costly for Bunny now it is being rumoured. But one has to wait for another 12 hours for the outcome of Naa Peru Surya.



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